Free to Express / Mohindar Singh


On my wall, everyone is free to express their opinions. Sometimes the disagreement is natural as we all think the different ways and different opinions and it makes the subject more interesting and facts-filled.

Please don’t take it personally, if I disagree with you. I love all but I am not a “people pleaser” person or “Yes Man” to agree with you on every entry. I will say but I feel is my most correct thoughts on the subject and I like to have freedom of my expression. I respect my freedom of expression but I am also subject to correction.

I have global friends from all walks of life with different religions and skin colors and races. I love all of them and treat them all equally with respect and pay equal attention to their views. I don’t believe in any sort of discrimination and I love people and their customs and rites and like to learn from them. I don’t believe in Indian caste system and as such I have respect for all.

I know British English yet my computer is set for the American English so the difference in spellings is natural and it’s not a mistake or overlooking on my part. I know both British and the USA spellings and their variants. But mostly I use American spellings.

I have written and published in the USA many scientific papers on the subject of the ‘Nuclear Medicine’ Field and they are appreciated worldwide. I have participated in the development of diagnostic Tests for the liver, lung, Hepatobiliary track, Kidneys, Alzheimer, atherosclerosis etc. and I have worked with the production and purification of the short-lived radionuclides. I have worked and help develop PET (Positron Emission Tomography) and CAT (Computerized Axial Tomography) Scans. I have worked for the USA Defence Department.

I am a poet, writer and have written works in Hindi, Punjabi, Spanish, Urdu, Farsi, Arabic and of course in English. Languages, particularly English has changed a lot and modern English is noticeably different from the East Indian Victorian English.

I enjoy learning about different cultures, religions and love to read all sorts of holy and mythological books. I read history and enjoy exploring ancient cultures by travelling, anthropologically. I am a global trotter and love travelling I am soon going to Europe to enjoy and relax for about a month.

I am an outdoor person who loves to ski and go to the mountains to see wildlife and I have the love for ecology for the birds, the forests and the fauna and flora. I enjoy white water rafting and photography. I like ladies and I find them awful skilled in human relations and I enjoy their company. I am always mystified by their intelligence and practical way of solving problems. There is no limit to my hobbies.

I love all. I love art, paintings and I do some artwork here and there. I want public free from all sorts of chemical and noise pollution.

As stated above, I love you all. So long ! (MS)

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