I Am All Out For Saanjo Script / Ahsan Bajwa


Saanjo script is a remarkable achievement that is perfect in all aspects, technically as well as aesthetically bringing forward a completely new yet significant piece of art.

It was essential for the people of Punjab to have their own script in which they could read, write, and above all, think and dream.

The alphabets gathered to display in the form of a keyboard are highly appreciable.

The most important thing which I would like to mention is that this script should be implemented on the government level as early as possible for the children on the school level to get familiar with it.

It is an invention, so people will have to inculcate it throw this procedure. I am glad to express that this script fully covers all the sounds of Punjabi language and not to forget that it’s for allied languages as well.

Literally, it’s a big accomplishment. This  hard work is worth acknowledging, and It will be perfect if it is applied in all areas of Punjab, rural, urban adjacent areas.

The inception  would be cherished forever. I would further like to state that because this script is applicable to computer, i.e., it is a computerized language which can be written in all computer programs, including Microsoft Office; this is stupendous.

Gone a level up  now we can call ourselves modern and up to date. As soon, we could communicate with people around the globe through  technological inter- language translations  without any hindrance or difficulty.

This all credit goes to you, Mr. Ejaz Mahmood, founder of Saanjo Script. I am completely stunned from yourayour because It was close to impossible that something as perfect and intellectual could exist. Hats off! to Ejaz .

I am overwhelmed by this thought that a time would come when all the students would be Saanjo literate, and then, we would compete with the outside world in all fields. Whether it‘s related to science, computer or mathematics because I am well aware that this script has the flexibility to adjust in all of them.


Ejaz’s mission approach to the desired results soon to meet  with success and fortune. Hats off to Ejaz , once again.


( Ahsan Bajwa )

Moderation: Ejaz Mahmood

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