Saanjo/Punjabi ,English Learning Program

Good day to you all. I’m so sorry that I’ve stayed away for too long, but I hope that you’re all well.
I’ve always had, and will always have great respect for people who go out of their way to do a lot for other fellow human beings.
Sir Ejaz Mahmood is one such person.
He started everything Saanjo to Saanja Dais, and all the others all by himself but for humanity. The Saanjo/Punjabi English Program was his idea, and very generous of him got me involved.
I’m Napoleon Norbert Banful, a West African – Ghanaian. I’ve always admired Ejaz Mahmood, Esq, for being who he is – very modest and honest. I’m able to write what I write because
i) God has been gracious to me, and
ii) Mr Ejaz Mahmood has always allowed others to showcase what Allah has blessed them with. If he knew I would write this, he would not be happy, and so would want me to stop right here, but being stubborn, I want all who visit and like this page to say a word of prayer to God/Allah/Onyankopon for the life of this great selfless being.
Will be back soon. Stay blessed y’all.
( Napoleon Nobert Banful / May
6, 2016)