Saanjo Keyboard Images

Saanjo Key Board Immage

When font “ Saanjo Chanan Mukh” will been installed , Key board gets converted into “ Saanjo Key Board” automatically. With Cap Log on and Cap Lock off, key board holds all Saanjo Fonts.


The key position of most Saanjo alphabet has key position of equivalent English alphabets, phonetically.

Key Positions “ U ”  and “O “ have been assigned for supportive signs of Saanjo Script. Using Caps Lock on and off position , desired positioning  of supportive is obtained . Key position “ I “ bears two supportive signs – using Caps Lock option.

The second to top row which bears numerals has been assigned positions for vowels of Saanjo Script.

Pressed “Shift” the same, second to top, row will type numerals – the same numerals as shown on the English key Board.

It is hoped that Saanjo lovers will get Saanjo Key Board manufactured with print on Saanjo alphabets on them in due course.

Download File  <—–  Saanjo Key Board Immage File.pdf