All out Commitment and Resolve For Saanjo Script-Farhad Iqbal Ji and Ejaz Mahmood

Saanjo News: March 16 , 2018 / Islamabad.

Nice to public , I visited Beeba Farhad Iqbal Ji . We have been in touch with each other for the last 4 years through Facebook. Two years back I met him here in Islamabad in his office.

He is kind hearted person and have very welcoming attitude to friends.

He is a true lover of his native language. He is good poet and designs graphics excellently. I would like to remember him as mother language activists beside a poet. He had very good command on mother language. I always learn language through his writings.

We discussed details of Saanjo Script and reviewed so far done work.

I briefed him about Jujjui Mukhi Arabic Script and Jujji Gurmukhi script.

I informed that I have designed these scripts as an learning aid to Saanjo Script.

We together went through ” Standard Punjabi Language ” document. We negotiated on the document to the full , line by line , page by page.
Phonics of our language were analysed together and were very happy to see ,once again, how precisely , Saanjo write our mother language. We talked of our concerns regarding computer ,net , science ,math imperfections of Persian script and happy to note and see perfect compatibility of Saanjo Script.

Got impressed of Beeba Farhad Ji’s IQ . How quickly , sharply and correctly , he grasped details and technicalities of Saanjo Script – simply fabulous.

We talked of different modalities to take forward Saanjo Script and made consensus on some intiatives. He gave some valuable ideas.

Beeba Farhad Ji were very clear to convey that Saanjo is a done great work and that done single handedly, even greatest thing, which otherwise team of hundreds could have not done.

Now on , he asserted the work of propagation , teaching and learning must be taken up as collective assignment. And happy to share that we came with an doable next step. Taking tea , talking technicalities , other related issue , taking notes of things , support of web availability — things moved well in the meeting.

Big congratulations to mother language lovers , the work goes on successfully and steadily.
It was really very valuable to remain with him, hours two about.

I can not miss here to mention Beeba Imtiaz who developed website of Saanjo. We wanted to see Saanjo Introductory table , it was ready there to see. Beeba Farhad Ji were much satisfied to see Saanjo specific learning material – Saanjo Voice Tutorial ,Guide to Saanjo Script ,Saanjo Made Easy Guide , Audio Table – Peculiar Phonics , campaign posts support text material and a lot more. All available at one click away . For this , credit goes to IT – Man Beeba Imtiaz .

Rember well, second last meeting with Beeba Farhad Ji and will remember long today’s lovely sit together which ended on note of meeting again shortly to strike next action.

Beeba Farhad Iqbal Ji , Stay Happy. Jug Jug Jeo Ji.

( Ejaz Mahmood )

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