Guide to Saanjo Script

Guide To Saanjo Script

Alphabet, supportive signs and silent character of Punjabi/Paano and allied languages make up Saanjo Script. Paano is naturalized name of Punjabi  language.  Saanjo is written from left to write.

Prior to its own genuine script “Saanjo” Punjabi Language remained un-writeable throughout the history because of absence of its genuine script. Borrowed script did not support its peculiar phonics. Saanjo Script was inaugurated on December 3, 2005.

The Guide to Saanjo Script has been developed to give ease to children, youngsters and elders to recognize, read and write Saanjo alphabet.  Pictorial help is provided for the purpose. A letter is to be pronounced by its sound followed by the name of thing shown in the picture placed before the letter.

Younger and elders will find added convenience since name of the letter and its sound has been written in English Language and equivalent English character. Where needed, a  sign has been used as suffix to  English character to depict equivalence. Beside it, the sound of the letter has been elaborated by using relevant English word. The Guide is complete as the First Level Book for children with added feature for younger and elders to qualify Beginner Level Course and become able to teach children of Punjabi /Paano and allied language go class. “Paano” is naturalized name of Punjabi Language.

Saanjo Voice Tutorial

Saanjo Voice Tutorial has been developed to learn Saanjo on line. Complete voice aid has been provided. Each page bears an icon for speaker. Clicking it, you will hear name of the letter, sound of the letter and name of thing shown as picture.

Saanjo is ever first genuine script of Punjabi Language created giving  complete provision for many other allied languages in the area around. Phonetic precision is the hallmark of Saanjo Script. Elaboration of general   and peculiar phonics of Punjabi language has been depicted through letters, supportive signs and silent character. Aided by voice, peculiar phonics  becomes clear to the listeners.

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