Saanjo Font

Saanjo Fonts ( Chanan Mukh)

Alphabet, supportive signs and silent character of Punjab/Paano and allied languages make up Saanjo Scripts. Paano is naturalized name of Punjabi language.

Saanjo Fonts having perfect math, science, information technology and computer and computer aided calligraphic compatibility are easily installable on the computer. The name of font style, here, given is Chanan Mukh ( Chanan is name of river having  historical symbolic association for love).

When the new font styles will be developed, they will be given names Ravi, Jhaelum , Sindh  mukh ,etc after the names of rivers in the area around.

Saanjo Fonts run in all computer applications , that is Microsoft Word , Microsoft , Excel , Microsoft Power Point , Auto Cad , in short all. You can down load and install on your computer in almost no time. It will appear in Font Style Selection window along with English Font Styles. It appears as ray of fonts in selection bar and when clicked it appears with name “ Saanjo Chanan Mukh” in the Font window.

b7b1 b3w 7 aUV5 b1l no0 kIo5D5 no5. b7b1 aUV1, b7b aUV17. l6Up7 w5 b7b5o1 l6Ux7 H2 D1 no1 mo2 b7b rUL51 5. B7b5 D8 wrIo1 D5 no5. pI2Ul5 b7b5 D1 no1 ab7b1 5. 5ID5 wo8 pI2Ul7 wrIo1 D5 b7b5o1 no0  ab7b5 kIOUvo1 g5. D0j7 wrIo1 D5 b7b5o1 D1 no1 5Ino1 v6Uco8 w4n b7b5o1 D7o1 v1jo1 rl1 k5 178 rUL51 5.  v1jo1 v4c P8r1 P8r1 frAk vx1N l27 jo7vo5 no1 no1, pk1 pUk1 v4c 5, P8r5 vrAw5 g25 no5


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