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About Ejaz Mahmood Saanju

Founder of Saanjo Script (Alphabet of Punjabi and allied Languages), Creator of Saanja Dais Phenomena, Pioneer of Saanjo Tore- Saanja Dais, Presenter Human Nation Theory , placer of foundation of Saanjo Civilization and Presenter of Political Direction and Track As Reflected By Vision “ Whaaga : Dream Future Love Center, Amlahore: Future Ultra Capital; Jeaey Paanipur; Jeaey Saanja Dais”.

Paano : Naturalized Name of Punjabi Language.
Paanipur Is The Name For Land of Rivers, Rains, Lakes Seas/ Punjab and Areas Around.

Ejaz Mahmood Founding Father of Saanjo Script (Saanjo: First ever Script of Language of Masses Punjabi and Allied Languages).belongs to a family hailing from Amritsar. The family moved to Lyallpur in 1947. He was born in  Lyallpur on September 27 , 1951.

Ejaz Mahmood’s Father Muhammad Ibrahim (late) served in telecommunication department. Ejaz’s mother’s name was Sardaran Beebi. She opted the name Aisha Beebi after marriage.Family moved to Haripur Hazaara when father got transferred there. Ejaz Mahmood attended primary school in Haripur Hazara through first two years. Later on he came to Karachi to accompany her elder sister Masooda who settled there after her marriage. He again joined his family which had settled in Lahore. The family lived there in telecommunication training school residential colony at Mughalpura. Ejaz Mahmood passed fourth and fifth class from Model School Sadar.

Ejaz Mahmood matriculated from M.C High School in 1969, passed intermediate from Government Degree Collage Faisalabad and graduated in Bsc Mechanical Engineering from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore- session 1971, 1975.

While in 9 th class, it striked him to write the language he spoke at home, with the peers in the street and in play grounds. He felt handicapped to write. The scripts he knew then did not support to write peculiar phonics of his language. His interest in his language kept growing as he moved through next years of study in school, college and university. His curiosity made him to think the reasons and historical background that led to a situation where in , millions and millions of people could not write their own language. He noted that his language some time called as apni boli , maan boli and generally Punjabi Language is not taught to the children.

Ejaz Mahmood strived hard to read and write, literature, news paper, and weeklies found around written in Arabian script. He noted that the Arabic script did not write his language at all. Desperate, he turned to Gurmukhi Script , worked out from Brahmic script , but to his astonishment , the Gurmukhi script , a version of Brahmic script , as it become clear to him , is not a script of Punjabi Language and like the version of Arabic script the Shahmukhi script , it too did not read and write the Punjabi language at all.

Marked that:-

• Wisdom, intelligence, knowledge and creativity is an off-shoot of interactive phenomena of emotions, observations, language, thinking and thoughts –all supplementing each other-.
• A writable language is vital mean towards social, scientific and technological evolutionary development of a society.
• How the events in history and their impressions kept masses deprived from their language and how it inflicted development of society.
• How important it is to provide the masses a mean of writing their language and consequent mass level pooling of intellect of the masses is vital for development of the society.
• Future is to be shaped by institutionalizing higher human values and to be designated as Saanja Dais. Political track to be set as reflected by vision “Whaaga: Dream Future Love Center, Amlahore: Future Ultra Capital; Jeaey Paanipur; Jeaey Saanja Dais”. Paanipur is the name for land of rivers, rains, lakes seas/ Punjab and areas around.

Ejaz mahmood resolved to elevate the status of Punjabi Language from spoke language to elegant writeable language and created the “Saanjo Script “- the ever First Script of Language of Masses Punjabi and Allied.The Script was Inagurated on December 3, 2005 and it marked the ever great day in our .history – Saanja Dais Day .

Ejaz Mahmood Saanju has two sisters Masooda Sharif and Naseem Saeed. He has four brothers Muhammad Aslam , Ashraf tahir , Shaukat Mahmood and Zafar Mahmood. A sister Najma and brother Rafi passed decades back.Father passed in 1984 and mother passed in 2009 – RIP.

Ejaz Mahmood was serving in Karachi Electric as General Manager Maintenance Bin Qasim Power Plant -1 till Feb, 2012 when his service was disconnected. Formerly he served Pakistan Steel Karachi from March 1977 to October 2009.

Ejaz Mahmood Saanju married to Anjum on April 1982. He has two daughters Amna Daniyal and Neelam Ejaz and five sons – Bullah Ejaz , Beeba Ejaz , Sandul Ejaz , Ravel Ejaz and Variam Ejaz.

Jeaey Saanja Dais