Headed Towards One Scrpit for Punjabi Language.

Respected Friends, You will agree that we see things in total- from all angles and we keep in mind that we are thinking for generations , immediate future and distant future , as well.

1- Note none never in history analysed Punjabi language prior inception of Saanjo Script and came up with an origional script.

2- When there comes a time to solve script issue of Punjabi language , there will be two approaches.

One demanding effort / a big effort or demanding no effort / least effort.

3- In the case of alphabet of Urdu / Arabic no effort is required , since people know it , but there was a big effort , big resource input and big political struggle by those who institutionalized it all for Urdu language which in its basics is Hindi language.

4- There can be approach to stay contented with Arabic alphabet.

7- The other approach is to put in effort , resources and political will.

8- How ever we need to see what ultimately we fetch to benefit our people.

9- Urdu script as it is , does not qualify to be script of our language.

How ever , it has been worked out to qualify it for our language and it has been named ” Jujji Mukhi Arabic Script ”

Beside Jujji Mukhi Arabic Script , I have designed ” Jujji Gurmukhi Script ” to make Gurmukhi Script suitable for Punjabi language.

10 – Jujji Mukhi Arabic Script is near perfect / perfect from phonic point of view and as good in flow as Urdu script and so is Jujji Gurmukhi script.

11- But unfortunate that Urdu script and it’s worked out form Jujji Mukhi Arabic script as script are technically very poor as compared to ” Saanjo ” script.

There are 36 letters, 4 supportive signs and three combinations

There is 1 letter which has 5 shapes

There are 4 letters which have 4 shapes. It means there are 16 shapes for 4 letters.

There are 6 letters which have 3 shapes
. It means there are 18 shapes for 6 letters.

There are 12 letters which have 2 shapes . It means there are 24 shapes for 12 letters
There are only 13 out of 36 letters which have single shape.

Then —– There is no logic to tell the children for choosing a shape of a letter having different shapes to join in the words.

And—– Even have recognized the letters, the children feel big difficulty to make up the words and then they have to go through memorizing the pictures of the words to learn a language. It takes years and years years to command the picture images.

12- Be sure , Arabic script is completely disadvantageous from science math , and computer point of view.

13- In spite of great political will , state resources and hardwork for Arabi/ Urdu script , it is unfit for computer and sciences to date and it will remain unfit in the future too.

14 – Once having dream , destination and focus to come up one day to work in sciences and develop from the then onward own generated knowledge, one day , we must not go for Urdu Script or Jujji Mukhi Arabic Script. It is too poor to think about in this context.

So no option but the ” Saanjo ”

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