Punjabi Language Makes Up Our Collective Memory

(Humayun Ghauri)

A nation not conversant with its own language or mother tongue is sure to suffer from senile dementia in the long run; because language is the storehouse of collective memory and collective unconscious of a nation. Just as an individual cannot have a personality without his memory; similarly a nation lacks a basic cohesive force to shape itself up as a nation, without the application and use of its own language! Use of mother tongue is immensely necessary and highly useful in promoting intelligence in children and all the psychologists of the world recommend mother tongue as the first and primary source of Education.

Language roots a nation with its soil -motherland. It is collective, interactive memory of a nation; a centripetal force which constitutes; one of the major binding forces of a nation. It is not simply a tool of communication but constitutes a whole world view (weltanschauung) in itself.

Imperialism in tandem with Colonialism have sabotaged the emegence of a great Punjabi nation; one of the would be greatest of the world; by playing havoc with its native language , Punjabi; in a mode of hatred and a strategy of suppression and non- state patronage. The legacy of colonialism, mostly being championed by its favourites and henchmen , under delusive mythologies ,are out and out traitors of the Punjabi Nation!

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