Vicious Cycle Damaging Punjabi Language / Saanjo Script Meant to Eliminate

Answer to your third question.
1- Have given our common man , their language , It will help making use of Intelligence at wider level to the benefit of Society.
2- Knowledge so generated will keep moving to the next generation , In turn it will keeping adding again again over the generation.
3- It is instinctive desire of any individual that his thoughts travel far and wide and the times to come. It is possible , once he will put his thoughts in writing. We must give our people means of writing – Script.
4- Our Language is history given our own asset . We must make use of it to the benefit of Society.
5- Language is a mean of thinking , common expression , Poetry , Drama , Music / Art . Science , interactivities , acquiring knowledge disseminating knowledge and creativity. These things best be done in our language.
7- Lifting up our common people is linked with lifting their language and lifting language is linked with lifting the common people. It is a phenomena to go side by side simultaneously.
8- The last , The Least it is our language.
9- There never we had a genuine, our own script in the past. This is ever first created script for our language.
10 – This is our great invention from the land of rivers.
11- It has perfect math , science and computer tech comparability. It runs in all computer applications.
12- It will play an instrumental role in development of our language.

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